Friday, August 6, 2010

Case study

Maya organics
MAYA ORGANIC is a systemic initiative Bangalore based organization to address livelihood issues of the working poor through an institutional approach that focuses on organizing the informal sector workforce into worker owned enterprises.MAYA ORGANIC Designs are made keeping in mind not only existing skills of workers but also current and emerging market needs, to cater to the interests of the end-consumer.
They mostly work with rubber wood and accasia wood. There range of small occasional furniture includes small coffee tables(2.5' X 2.5'), baby cots, kids chairs, small racks etc. ranging from 5,500rs to 10,000rs.

Quetzal is Bangalore based designed company. Their idea is to create simple clean lines and make the piece light, cheap and easy to assemble. Their most of the furniture is made in White Oak or Teak. The furniture range starts from 3000rs to 5000rs for coffee table(2' X 3') and around 6000rs for nest tables.

Shekawati is Rajasthan based company. Their furniture is mostly made of shesham wood which included carving and other kind of ornamentation. A small trunk ranges from 5000rs to 6000rs and coffee table(2.5'X 4.5') around 10,000rs.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Finishing and polishing unit

Weave unit

Wood workshop

There are a great number of joinery methods.

- dovetail joints
- splined joints
- mortise and tenon
- wood dowels
- wood biscuits
- nails
- screws
- specialty fasteners
- glue
- combinations of the above.

MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard (not to be confused with OSB or Particleboard) is essentially a composite wood which is created by taking the remnants (wood fibers) from cutting traditional wood stock down and combining it - usually - with a wax/resin binder to create hard and durable sheet panels (usually 4x8). MDF may be used instead of plywood or chipboard. It is dense, flat, stiff, has no knots and is easily machined. It is made up of fine particles and therefore does not have an easily recognisable surface grain.

MDF can be painted to produce a smooth quality surface. Because MDF has no grain it can be cut, drilled, machined and filed without damaging the surface. MDF may be dowelled together and traditional woodwork joints may even be cut. MDF may be glued together with PVA wood glue. Oil, water-based paints and varnishes may be used on MDF. Veneers and laminates may also be used to finish MDF.

MDF joinery 90 degree-

half cut joint

simple nail joint

dovetail joint

45 degree joint

half cut joint


Metal workshop

Welding is a way of heating pieces of metal using electricity or a flame so that they melt and stick together. There are many kinds of welding, including arc welding, resistance welding, and gas welding. The most common type is arc welding. One kind of welding that does not use an arc is Oxy-fuel welding (OFW), sometimes called gas welding. OFW uses a flame to heat up the metal. There are other kinds of welding that do not use an arc.

Arc Welding
Any welding process that utilizes an electrical arc is known as arc welding. The common forms of arc welding include:

Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW): SMAW is also known as "stick" welding.

Gas metal arc welding (GMAW): GMAW is also known as MIG (metal/inert gas welding).

Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW): GTAW is also known as TIG (tungsten inert gas welding).

A lot of electricity is used in arc welding. Some kinds of welding use alternating current like the electricity that buildings use. Other kinds use direct current like the electricity in a car or most things with a battery. Almost all kinds of welding use a lower voltage than the electricity that comes from a power plant. Arc welding requires using a special power supply that makes the electricity from the power plant usable for welding. A power supply lowers the voltage and controls the amount of current.

Metal rods and pipes are bend with the help of pulley system of different radii.


Area of work

Time line

The proposed deliverables

The deliverable furniture will be single seaters combining natural fiber such as banana fiber or cane with metal frame work. Shelves with MDF combining with river grass matte giving it texture and feel. Small side tables or coffee tables with rubber boards or accasia wood and again combined with natural fiber like banana fiber or river grass matte.

User analysis

Design brief

Mother earth is a design led industry works with non-plastic products which are purely made of natural material. Mother earth serves very elite customers and the strength of the products lie in the traditional aesthetic and craft skills.

Mother earth needs to increase its décor and small furniture line in range from Rs 1000 to Rs 3000 MRP. In their price point analysis they have found that maximum sales happens in under range of Rs 600, hence they need to increase the sale with more variety and categories. The merchandise designed should be produced by local production unit.

The project objective is to design furniture using material and combination of natural fibers and wood for home décor, mainly occasional furniture such as single seaters, storage, book shelves etc, retaining their ethnic value, yet keeping them applicable in modern scenario.