Friday, August 6, 2010

Case study

Maya organics
MAYA ORGANIC is a systemic initiative Bangalore based organization to address livelihood issues of the working poor through an institutional approach that focuses on organizing the informal sector workforce into worker owned enterprises.MAYA ORGANIC Designs are made keeping in mind not only existing skills of workers but also current and emerging market needs, to cater to the interests of the end-consumer.
They mostly work with rubber wood and accasia wood. There range of small occasional furniture includes small coffee tables(2.5' X 2.5'), baby cots, kids chairs, small racks etc. ranging from 5,500rs to 10,000rs.

Quetzal is Bangalore based designed company. Their idea is to create simple clean lines and make the piece light, cheap and easy to assemble. Their most of the furniture is made in White Oak or Teak. The furniture range starts from 3000rs to 5000rs for coffee table(2' X 3') and around 6000rs for nest tables.

Shekawati is Rajasthan based company. Their furniture is mostly made of shesham wood which included carving and other kind of ornamentation. A small trunk ranges from 5000rs to 6000rs and coffee table(2.5'X 4.5') around 10,000rs.

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