Monday, August 30, 2010

Craft and Weave

A major method of fabric or surface construction is weaving. Primitive people may have observed the interlaced grasses and twigs in the nests of birds, and thus discovered how they could make clothing for themselves, baskets and nets and thatchlike huts and fences.
Preparation for weaving
In the weaving operation, the lengthwise yarns, which run from the back to the front, form the basic structure and are called the WARP. The crosswise yarns are the filling, also referred to as the WEFT or the WOOF. The filling yarns undergoes less strain in the weaving process.
Essential weaving operation
In any type of weaving, four operations are fundamental. They are performed in sequence and are constantly repeated.
Shedding: raising specific warp yarns by means of the harness or heddle frame.
Picking: inserting filling yarns through the shed
Beating up: pushing filling yarns firmly in place.

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